If you feel the need to jump start your life, free yourself from unhealthy patterns and create the best version of you, this is your program!

This is an individualized program one can start at any time.  It involves:

  • Fitness training 3-5 times a week
  • Counseling 1 week
  • Daily meditation

We also offer a version with food delivery from 5 square meals. You can check this out under "Services" on our website.

2 Week Mind-Body Wellness Intensive

A combination of Mindful Fitness, Athletic Training, Meditation, and Counseling.

Option with Nutrition Consultation and Food Delivery. 
Other individualized variations also available.

During these two weeks you will:

  • Learn and practice movements that will connect you to your body in an empowering way
  • Develop balance, strength and flexibility
  • Learn how to release the unhealthy layer of fat that does not belong in your body
  • Learn how to manage your stress and use it to release unhealthy thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world
  • Receive the tools to connect to the teacher, trainer, counselor and nutritionist within

Think about how much not being happy with where you are in your life is costing you!  Invest in yourself now! 

You are worth it!

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