Transcend fees are as follows*:

Telemedicine and online wellness training available

$250                  45-minute psychotherapy session
                           (longer session also available)

$285                  60-minute couples/family session
                           (longer sessions also available)

$275                  60-minute Walk-and-Talk
                           (psychotherapy in motion)

$275                  60-minute mind-body session
                           (combining psychotherapy and mindful fitness)

$275                  5 session meditation development package


$70                    30-minute guided meditation session

$175                  50-minute introduction to meditation session

$135                  60-minute mindful fitness

$125                  60-minute athletic training session

$175                  45 nutrition consultation

60-minute in-home personal training sessions are available for a $50 additional charge due to travel time.​​

Skype and phone sessions available


Sessions will typically last 45-50 minutes.  Payment is due at time of session. A credit card will be requested in order to book a session.

Accepted forms of payment are cash, check and credit card. A 3.25% credit card processing fee will be applied.

Any charge or fee incurred by Transcend as a result of checks drawn on insufficient funds or credit card disputes will be applied to the client's balance.

At least 24 hours notice must be given in the event of a change or cancellation of the session.

A missed appointment or cancellation within less than 24 hourswill result in an automatic full charge applied to the credit card on file. 

Telephone calls will not be billed, unless they exceed 10 minutes.  Under these circumstances, the regular session rate according to the time spent is charged.

Insurance is not accepted. Transcend does not submit or process any documents related to insurance, as a policy. Upon request, Transcend will provide the client with a statement that can be resubmitted to the insurance company.

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Please read the following information regarding Transcend's Fees, Policies, and Confidentiality, and sign below.

Mind-Body Counseling ​

Transcend does not offer free consultations. 
Consultations are 50 min and are priced as a regular session.

insurance is not accepted  


"I brought my son to train with Loredana because he felt too self-conscious to go to a gym and never felt strong or coordinated enough to try sports. I use to take tennis lessons with Loredana many years ago and I was thrilled to find out that she opened a mind-body training facility. I wasn't sure if my son would be up for training but I "bribed" him into trying one session. He has been training at Transcend for 4 months now. He is doing push-ups and pull-ups. He can hold a 4 min plank and he started playing tennis and basketball. He looks so heathy and his confidence sky rocketed. We are both very happy with his progress. Fitness is now a big part of his life."

V. Shepler
(names have been altered to protect client's confidentiality)


"My first few sessions at Transcend were a gift from my wife, and my first request for Loredana was to teach me to meditate.  Three years later I meditate, practice yoga and occasionally I dance in the dark.  I searched for years only to find the path had always been (to quote Loredana) "under my nose."  Profound in its simplicity.  I can't express in words how important my practice has become or how deep my gratitude is to Loredana for helping me develop it."                                                   

T. Moore
(names have been altered to protect client's confidentiality)


"Loredana has been nothing short of wonderful in helping me along my journey to better physical and mental health. Never have I met someone so invested in helping me succeed. She has met each one of my struggles with genuine understanding, unwavering support and positive encouragement. Loredana has helped me get my life back on track, in every way possible."

K. Spencer
(names have been altered to protect client's confidentiality)

Clients that work privately with Loredana will receive a free meditation session.

*Transcend Fees and financial agreements are subject to annual changes.
**Fitness or Support group sessions available for 4 to 8 people. 

Discounts are available with purchase of packages.


​Confidentiality is important to therapy.  All of the information you share with Transcend will remain private and confidential, unless specific permission is given to share it.

Other exceptions are:

  • If you have a signed written release.
  • If it is determined that you are suicidal, homicidal or acting in such a way that a psychiatrist, medical doctor or clinical staff feels your safety or well being is in jeopardy, or if another person you speak about is deemed physically threatened by you.
  • When a minor discusses information that suggests impaired judgment or possible harm to self or others; parents or guardians may be notified, however, any information may be restricted to the specific issue or concerns.