Clients will heal by developing their ability to sit with whatever feeling arises in the moment without avoiding it, compensating or numbing and without the commentary of the mind. Mindful fitness is about strengthening our emotional muscles as well as developing a strong physical core.

It's been used successfully with addiction issues, self-esteem and behavioral problems among others.

Mindful fitness is a method that marries physical exercise with mindfulness as means to: increase connection to the body and its messages, ability to be present, decrease reactivity and compensatory behaviors, correct physical and emotional imbalances.


"When I signed up for this program I didn't know what to expect. One of my friends who trained with Loredana recommended I would give it a try. What I expected was a good workout that would help me drop a couple of pounds and cope with my stress. What I got was way more. Through our sessions I learned to listen to my body, to connect and trust an inner intelligence that I didn't know I had. I learned the difference between effort and violence, between over-training and under-training. I learned to use my workouts as moving meditations. Mindful fitness helped me develop the ability to be present and maintain a relaxed attitude toward physical and emotional challenges. Now I wouldn't train any other way. If your workouts are not fun and efficient, if your stress levels leave you frustrated and fatigued you have to give mindful fitness a try!"

H. Tripp

(names have been altered to protect client's confidentiality)

Mindful Fitness

By honoring a client's unique pace and ability through out the workout, we can uncover vulnerability and areas that need to be strengthened to optimize function. Because we bring our mental patterns in the way we workout, we can use the workout to correct and/or release what no longer serves us, without having to rehash the stories, which can keep us stuck in the past.


Mind-Body Counseling ​

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